One of the reasons we think Tanzania is one of the very best safari locations in Africa is the range of different destinations for the discerning safari-goer. From the unparalleled game-viewing of the Serengeti through the less well-known, but equally rewarding Ruaha and Selous, to the idyllic and historically fascinating Spice Island of Zanzibar.

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Why Choose Tanzania

We believe that Tanzania offers one of the best safari experiences in Africa. If you want to find out why, click here


When To Visit Tanzania

Depending on what you want from your safari, there are varying times throughout the year that will best suit you. This section of the website explains what the differences are and what they will mean for you when planning your safari in Tanzania. Click here to find out more.


Interactive Tanzania Map

We have created this interactive Google-map based guide to the most interesting parts of Tanzania to visit for safari-goers. Simply click on one of the coloured Park or city location markers on the map below for more information on each area. You can also scroll around the map and zoom in or out using the keys in the bottom left hand corner of the map.

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Main Destinations

Many of our itineraries will include more than one of the destinations listed here, namely the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Ruaha National Park, and the adjoining Mikumi and Selous Game Reserves. Although the Serengeti and Ngorongoro are probably Tanzania's best-known safari locations, with their huge concentrations of game, discerning visitors are turning more to the relatively unspoilt Ruaha and Selous. Then a few days relaxing on the beach on the historic Spice Island of Zanzibar offers the perfect end to your African experience.

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The endless plains of the Serengeti National Park are the best place to witness the iconic 'wildebeest migration', in addition to vast quantities of other game.

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The Ngorongoro Crater is renowned for having the highest density of game in the whole of Africa - together with the highest density of raised-roof game viewing vehicles and tourists.

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The second largest Park in Tanzania, totally unspoilt, and heaving with game. Ruaha is our favourite destination in the whole of Tanzania.

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A great place to view lots of game, albeit somewhat less 'wild' than in the neighbouring Selous Game Reserve, Mikumi is still an excellent safari destination, especially for first-timers.

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Like nearby Ruaha, The Selous benefits from being largely undiscovered, and hence is largely unspoilt. Its Rufiji River offers excellent boat safaris and fishing.

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Zanzibar offers the perfect location for a stunning beach holiday following an energetic game-viewing safari. At the same time there are also plenty of water-based activities on offer.

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More Destinations in Tanzania

Although the "big five" (actually six) destinations in Tanzania described above are rightly the most popular places with Tanzania safari-goers, there are still further areas worthy of mention that may offer more appeal to experienced safari-goers or those with specific interests. The relatively new Saadani National Park combines excellent game viewing with an idyllic Indian Ocean beach location. The Lake Manyara Park offers the opportunity to view Tanzania's famous tree-climbing lions, while the Mahale Mountains are Africa's prime location for seeing chimpanzees. Tarangire's speciality is elephant, while Katavi is noted as a truly remote location, specialising in hippo and buffalo.


Saadani offers the virtually unique opportunity to combine high-quality game viewing with an idyllic Indian Ocean beach location - without having to move camp.

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Lake Manyara

Lake Manyara is a small, but spectacular, Park in the north of Tanzania, probably best known for its quite bizarre tree-climbing lions, in addition to plenty of other wildlife.

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Mahale National Park's main attraction is its claim to be the best place in the whole of Africa to see the elusive chimpanzee in its natural habitat.

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Gombe Stream

Gombe Stream National Park is second only to Mahale in providing the opportunity for chimpanzee trekking, and is in fact where the legendary Jane Goodall first studied these fascinating primates.

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Remote, unspoilt and very wild (not to mention expensive to get to), Katavi National Park has been described as a veritable throwback to nineteenth century Africa.

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Essentially Tarangire provides a cheaper alternative to the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater areas, in the north of Tanzania, whilst also being noted for its huge numbers of elephants.

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Other Destinations

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, and the highest 'walkable' mountain in the world, although not suitable for a casual afternoon stroll! Tanzania's capital, Dar es Saalam, may not be somewhere that you would choose to holiday in, but a night here may be necessitated either on arrival, or just before departure. Stonetown - the capital of Zanzibar - though, is well worth a visit, for its rich history, primarily as a centre of the slave trade. Finally the town of Arusha serves as the stepping off point for many safaris in the north of Tanzania.


Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, but is still climbable by most people, providing that they take a professionally organised tour.

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Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam is Tanzania's de facto capital, and host to the country's principal gateway airport, principally serving the tourist market as an overnight location.

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Stone Town

In contrast to Dar es Salaam, Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, is a fascinating place to visit, and well repays a couple of night's stay, either before or after your beach holiday here.

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A prosperous and bustling town in the north of Tanzania, Arusha can serve both as start point for safaris in this area, or as an interesting place in its own right in which to spend a few days.

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About Tanzania

A brief rundown on modern Tanzania, including background on its History, Geography, Climate, Economy and its enormous potential for Tourism. Click here:


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