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Situated just south-east from the Ngorongoro Crater area, a visit to Tarangire National Park is readily added to a visit to the former (or indeed as a much cheaper substitute for this).

The River Tarangire is a seasonal river, and hence the concentration of game is very seasonally dependent. From November to May, much of the game leaves the park, returning in June to October when the supply of water, and hence vegetation, dries up elsewhere, making June to October the best time for game viewing. Here, as in Lake Manyara National Park, you will also find tree-climbing lions, plus black rhino and nearly 400 species of birds. Tarangire National Park is noted most of all for its elephants, some the biggest herds reaching 200 in number. Many antelope are also found here including the oryx and greater and lesser kudu.

The southern part of the park, in particular, remains a true wilderness area, escaping as it does the ubiquitous mini-bus tours that so blight this corner of Tanzania.

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