Why Choose Tanzania

When planning a safari you will usually find yourself faced with a bewildering variety of choice, between different activities, different lodges and, most of all, different countries. So how do you decide?

For us, Tanzania is one of the few remaining African tourist destinations where you can still experience "The Real Africa", unspoilt by tourism, and bursting with game.

Thus we regard Tanzania as (narrowly) second only to Zambia as a truly premier African safari destination. Having travelled all over Southern and Eastern Africa, we can confidently say from experience that these two countries tick all the boxes for those looking for a genuine, affordable and, above all quality, safari experience. To help the undecided among you, we have put together in concise form the reasons we think Tanzania itself stands out as such a good safari destination:


Reasons To Visit Tanzania

• Top quality accommodation and guiding at an affordable price

Tanzania boasts some of the best lodges in Africa, at prices that remain within most visitors' reach. The breadth of choice means there is accommodation to suit everyone, from the smallest intimate bush camp to deluxe hotels with all mod-cons.


• Unspoilt and peaceful National Parks

Tanzania has some of the biggest and most wonderful national parks in Africa, providing the very widest range of habitats. However it is usually worthwhile to avoid the most tourist-dominated areas, in order to gain a more intimate experience and less of a zoo-like parade in a "wilderness" overloaded with tourist vehicles. Although the country has long been a significant centre for game viewing safaris, there are still parts of Tanzania that are truly remote if you yearn to get away from it all.


• Travel with confidence

Unlike many other African countries, Tanzania is a comparatively safe place to visit. There have been no incidents due to international terrorism, and the internal crime rate is good, being virtually nonexistent out on safari, and relatively low elsewhere, barring city centres. As an established tourist destination, Tanzania is sufficiently advanced to provide more than adequate transport, communications, health facilities, and so on, whilst remaining totally unspoilt.


• Unique destinations and activities

There is just so much to explore in Tanzania, including the little-known, but awesome Selous and Ruaha reserves, as well as the more well-known safari destinations, such as the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater areas. Visiting Tanzania can also provide a rich cultural and historical experience - from touring local communities, through retracing the footsteps of Dr Livingstone, to learning about the slave trade. Add to these: viewing Chimpanzees, climbing Kilimanjaro or chilling out on an Indian Ocean beach, and you can see that Tanzania has it all.


All of the above means that a safari in Tanzania can be the holiday experience of a lifetime.


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