When To Visit Tanzania

Because Tanzania lies below the equator, the coolest months occur during the northern hemisphere's summer, and all-year round the weather remains pleasant and comfortable.

Tanzania is known for having four distinctive weather seasons. Thus there are two distinct rainy periods - the long rains and the short rains - separated by drier periods.

Each season will impact on your safari experience in different ways, so it pays to check when the best time to visit will be for you.


Tanzania's Seasons

The Long Rains

The Long Rains fall from mid-March until the end of May. During this time, heavy showers fall in the early mornings but these usually clear up by mid-day, with the weather often remaining sunny and clear until late afternoon. By evening, significant cloud formations build, breaking sometime after dark and the rain often continues throughout the night.

June to October - ‘Winter'

Between June and October, temperatures range from around 10°C in the northern highlands to about 23°C on the coast. On the plains and the lower-altitude game reserves, the temperatures at this time are warm and mild. On the coast, these months are some of the most pleasant to visit, with sunny weather much of the day and cooling ocean breezes at night.

The Short Rains

These come intermittently throughout November and parts of December, sometimes stretching into early January. During the short rains, light showers in the mornings and late afternoons are punctuated by stretches of clear weather and beautiful rays of sunlight. The beginning of both rainy seasons is marked by a change in the winds which historically, marked the time for trading boats to set off

December to March - ‘Summer'

Here the days are hot and sunny with often not a cloud in the sky, and temperatures can range from the mid-twenties to the low thirties throughout the country. Clear sunny days are the norm, providing perfect opportunities for unhampered game viewing, with clear night skies offering perfect opportunities for star-gazing or romantic evenings in the bush. On the shores of the Swahili Coast, the Indian Ocean reaches its highest temperatures and is ideal for swimming at any time of day or night.


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