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Mikumi is one of Tanzania's smaller game parks, lying slightly to the north of the mighty Selous Game Reserve, with which it shares a border - and an extensive game population. Although easily reached by road from Dar es Salaam (although most international visitors would choose to fly in) Mikumi attracts relatively few visitors, possibly because of the presence of the main Tanzam highway (from Dar Es Salaam to Zambia) passing right through the northern part of its terrain.

However Mikumi still retains areas of vast wilderness where elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra and lion are common and occasionally wild dogs can be seen. The Mkata flood plains are similar to the Serengeti and abundant wildlife can be found here and there is a good circuit of roads for game viewing. Mikumi National Park is also possibly the best place to see eland (the world's largest antelope) as well as greater kudu and sable antelope. Mikumi National Park also provides the ideal base for day trips to the Udzungwa Mountains National Park, where walking safaris are a special feature.

We have mixed feelings about Mikumi. On the one hand many of the animals are so accustomed to the presence of game viewing vehicles that the true ‘wilderness feel' is somewhat missing. On the other hand this very same factor leads to easy and plentiful game viewing - ideal perhaps for the first time safari goer.

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