Gombe Stream

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Gombe Stream National Park is a mountainous narrow strip of country about 5km wide which runs along the edge of Lake Tanganyika in the west of Tanzania. Its mountain range forms the edge of the Great Rift Valley Escarpment.   

At only 52 sq km, Gombe is the smallest National Park in Tanzania, but one of the most famous as this is one of few National Parks set aside for chimpanzees. Here in Gombe Stream National Park the world renowned research centre where Dr Jane Goodall and her colleagues began to study chimpanzees in 1960 was established. 

However Jane is no longer there, and land encroachment is severely threatening the chimps' living space. If seeing chimpanzees is your aim, then it may be better to focus instead on the Mahale Mountains Park.

For historical enthusiasts though, Ujiji near Kigoma, is also the place where Henry Stanley uttered his famous greeting: “Dr Livingstone I presume”.

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