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The ‘Spice Island' of Zanzibar lies about 35km off the east coast of Tanzania and is about 1500sq km in size. Zanzibar is a palm fringed cosmopolitan island with a mix of cultures and outstanding hospitality. More than 90% of the population are Muslim.

Possibly most people will know this island as the birthplace of Freddie Mercury from ‘Queen', but it is much, much more. The beautiful exotic island of Zanzibar has a laid back pace of life, and the old tradition of spice trading is still evident here today. A spice tour is a must and involves a walk in the western and central regions of the island through plantations, private gardens and forests. There are over 50 different spices and fruits produced here including cinnamon, pepper, ginger, coffee, cocoa, sugar cane and coconuts.

Most visitors, however, come to Zanzibar for the palm fringed fine sandy beaches and the warm blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There is good snorkelling and scuba diving, as well as deep sea fishing.

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