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At around 50,000sq km (larger than Switzerland), the Selous Game Reserve is Tanzania's and Africa's largest game reserve, and is second only to the Serengeti National Park for its concentration of wildlife. However its big advantage is that it is visited by very few people, and you will rarely see another safari vehicle. There are also less rigorous regulations here in the Selous Game Reserve than in Tanzania's national parks, which means that walking safaris in the bush are allowed. You can even extend your safari experience further by fly-camping - about as close as you can get to the true wilderness.

The Rufiji River meanders through the plains and woodlands and makes this an ideal location for river safaris. The Selous Game Reserve has Africa's largest buffalo and lion populations. It also contains Africa's largest concentration of wild dog - around 1300. A variety of large antelope can also be found, including greater kudu and eland. There are herds of over 50 giraffe and about 30,000 elephants live here, two thirds of the total elephant population in Tanzania. Over 350 species of birds can also be found here in the Reserve.