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Katavi National Park is a rarely visited wilderness park, remote and difficult to reach and receiving only limited rainfall. Situated relatively near to the Mahale Mountains National Park (of chimpanzee viewing fame), it was originally set aside as a reserve for animals displaced from other areas by the rains.

Despite its dryness Katavi National Park is said to have the highest biodensity of any national park in Africa, and in particular combines a large hippo population with a high number of crocodiles. In the dry season as many as 200 crocodiles can be seen sharing one cave. Many antelope are prolific here, as well as lion, elephant and one of the largest herds of buffalo containing up to 1500 animals. Over 400 species of birds including pelicans are attracted to varied woodland, acacia bush, lakes and swamps here in Katavi National Park.

Thus Katavi is very remote, unspoilt, very wild - quoted as being a veritable throwback to nineteenth century Africa. But it's difficult to get to and also expensive. Not for the first time safari goer, perhaps, but a definite possibility for anybody looking for something beyond the normal run of experiences.