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Most people will want to take photographs of what they see on safari. You don’t need a super-duper camera, though, to get perfectly reasonable pictures.

Fortunately the best time to take interesting photos tends to coincide with the typical game-drive times, i.e. early morning and late evening, but do keep the sun behind you to avoid shadows. Low-level sun tends to create more depth and more richness in wildlife and landscape photography, so get as many shots as you can during these times of day. A final warning though: do ask permission before photographing local people – and do not try to photograph military installations or personnel.

Digital photography does offer many benefits over traditional film, but particularly relevant in the safari environment is the ability to take as many shots as possible in order to get that one perfect image, much as the professional photographer, willing to shoot off hundreds of rolls of film, achieved in the past.

But do make sure you have enough film/memory. This is the golden rule – and in general if you think you have enough go back to the shop and order twice as much and you should be OK!