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Fly Camping

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‘Fly camping’ is the term for a (usually walking) safari in which visitors sleep out in the open, or in a rudimentary tent, with essentially only a mosquito net between them and the African sky. The 'facilities' are usually restricted to long-drop loos and bucket showers - takes you back to your scouting days!

Guests often embark on day hikes through the bush with their private guide, and camp is set up each evening in a new locale. These mobile walking safaris give visitors a chance to see the wildlife and birds of the game reserves up close, and experience their natural surroundings without the distraction of vehicles and other guests.

Visitors learn to read animal tracks, explore the medicinal properties of indigenous plant life, and immerse themselves in the vast world of insects and bird life that sustains the vast African plains. At present, in Tanzania, fly camping is restricted to only a few areas, outside the actual National Parks, such as the Selous Game Reserve.