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Family Safaris

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A safari with your family in Tanzania will make for one of the most memorable holidays you can take together. Sharing your child's excitement at seeing wild elephants or lions in their natural habitat will only add to yours.

However, while game drives are very exciting for older children, they do last typically 4 hours at a stretch, which can test the patience of younger children, so we would recommend mixing up your activities while on safari and not getting stuck somewhere with only game drives as an option. For example some lodges offer visits to local villages and schools, giving your children an insight into the way their peers live in Africa.

Obviously when taking your family on safari, safety is a primary concern, and we would strongly recommend talking with your GP to find out about which vaccinations will be necessary, and their possible side effects in younger kids.

For more information on the family-friendly lodges we recommend, and help putting together a great family safari itinerary, contact us at TanzaniaAway on the number at the top of the page.