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How to use My Safari

My Safari is our unique tool that allows you to select and save activities, places, lodges and itineraries here on the My Safari page. You can then email the list to us to help get your plans started. The list will be saved here automatically if you leave the site and then return.

To add items of interest to My Safari, just look out for the My Safari panel (below) on the eligible items throughout the website. Alternatively click on the links saying ‘Add to My Safari’ within the tab section of pages to include items such as example itineraries.

My Safari

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When you send us an enquiry from this page, your My Safari list will be forwarded to one of our specialists along with any comments you have made.This enables a specialist to gain an idea of the type of Safari you are after and start the process of creating your tailor-made safari experience.

If you decide to fill in the booking enquiry form on the Contact Us page to obtain further information about any aspect of your plans, the items saved in My Safari will automatically be sent with your enquiry.

To view any items within My Safari, or to check on the list as a whole, click on the My Safari box to the top right corner of every page on the website.

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